To My Former Patients and Colleagues

Robert Ashmore


Robert Ashmore, MD

In 1987, I, along with Dr. Arthur Clements, founded what
 would come to be known as North Florida Women’s Care. For
 31 years, I devoted my professional life to the goal of making
 North Florida the premier practice dedicated to obstetrics
and gynecology in Tallahassee. As our practice flourished, I
 brought in new physicians to expand our care. Those 
physicians paid nothing for their ownership in the practice.

On February 15, 2018, I was terminated, immediately, by 
those partners without notice, cause, or explanation. I was 
informed of my termination by a stranger. The locks on the
 doors were changed, and I was immediately barred from
entering the practice I built.

I sued North Florida, and we went to trial. On June 1, 2020, 
the court ruled that my termination was unlawful, and ruled 
that the North Florida physicians’ collective testimony on the 
justification for my termination was “not credible”. Credible
and believable are synonyms.

The “not credible” actions of my former partners on February 
15, 2018, ruined my professional career and reputation. I am
 no longer able to do the job that I love or take care of patients 
I served for more than three decades. That is, and remains,
an injury that money can never cure.

I invite you to read the attached judgment entered by the


Robert Ashmore, Jr., M.D.

If any patient believes that my sudden departure was due to criminal misconduct, sexual misconduct, or lack of fitness to continue practicing medicine, please contact me so that we can discuss it confidentially. To be clear, my sudden departure was unrelated to any misconduct or lack of fitness to practice medicine. I am concerned that many of you were misled by North Florida Women’s Care, and I look forward to fixing that. Please contact me at my email

Rather than continuing to explain the circumstances surrounding
 my forced removal from NFWC, you can read the Judge’s findings in
 a lawsuit l had no choice but to file. Please click here.

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